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Customize your teaching schedule and collaborate with your peers with all of the latest teaching material.

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Custom Schedule & Calendar

Setup your teaching calendar and push it live!

Quickly organize all of the teaching material, school events, and other data you use every day. Each calendar can be customized by course, subject, and color coordinated. Advanced features include:

Color-coordinate your courses

Create custom events

Connect to Google Calendar

Drag and drop resources

View pacing from district

Once your schedule is setup you can make it public for students to use, ideal for a flipped classroom experience. You can also send your pacing to administrators and even use it to keep parents informed.

Aligned Standards to Resources

Find any set of national and state standards.

Whether you are working with the Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, or any specific state standard, we have it in the system. Our list includes:

Common Core (CCSS)

ISTE (Technology)

All 50 States

Next-Gen Science (NGSS)

AASL (School Library)

And more...

Search by keyword or click through the documents to find standards aligned resources for your teaching environment. Pick through thousands of resources we have compiled, or collaborate and build them with your peers.

App Center

1,000's of resources to enhance your teaching!

Our resource application center is a widget tool just like the phone or tablet you carry around with you everywhere. We are constantly adding new tools and resources organize your classroom better.


CK12 Flexbooks

Khan Academy Videos

Google Drive Documents


Friends Collaboration

My Docs / District Docs Folder

District Vetting App

If you have resources from other locations that you are currently using feel free to contact us and we can work on getting those in the system for you.

Collaborate and Share

Build resources, share progress.

Standards Planner was built to be a collaborative tool. Connect with other teachers and peers to see what is working in their classroom. Use our "friends app" to:

View peers schedules

Real-time chat on documents

Share units and resources

And more...

Connecting only takes a few seconds, and you can even receive rewards for inviting our friends to sign up!

Google Drive & Calendar

Connect directly with the documents you've already created.

If you are currently taking advantage of the free tools that come with Google for Education, you can directly access these resources from with Standards Planner. Some features include:

Viewing Docs, Sheets, etc.

Editting documents

Attach standards New!

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Sync School Calendar

With the click of one button your account can be fully compatible with Google. Anything you do between the two systems will be automatically updated for your convenience.

Try it out for free, forever! No credit card ever required.

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