Create, Collaborate, Teach The easiest way to organize your material


Aligned Standards to Resources

Whether you are working with Common Core, Next Gen, or any specific State standards, we have it in the system!

Lesson plans, videos, and documents that are in the software are all aligned to the state and national standards as well.

Use Any Resources

Upload any file type into the software and you will be able to access it from any device, browser, location.

Easily find free resources such as Khan Academy, CK12, and even connect your Google Drive!

Drag and Drop Calendar

Standards planner is a one-page-application that will make your teaching experence easier and more efficient.

Drag-and-drop resources to your customized schedule. Plan your week in minutes!

Create and Share

Communicate with your peers through our integrated collaboration inbox features. Build lesson plans, units, and resources and instantly give feedback on additions or tweaks.

* Available with school / district account

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you are in the classroom, at home, or on a different computer you can access your content.

We convert all videos you upload as well so you can view them on any device.



$25 - $50

per year

Common Core Only

Search Standards by Keyword

Basic Lesson Plan Text Editor

Limited Calendar







for 2014-15

List of State and National Standards

Advanced Search and Grid-view for Standards

Enhanced Lesson Plan Editor (media add-ons)

Advanced Calendar Setup with Teacher Schedule

Google Drive and Calendar Integration

Open Education Resources Aligned to Standards

Drag & Drop Resources from Left Nav Toolkit

View All Resources Within Your Browser

If you are looking for school or district licenses, please contact us and we will get a proper quote to you. Bundled accounts allow you to have additional features such as collaboration, vetting, pacing charts, and more!